Rodger Maxwell 




Rodger Maxwell 
Rodger Maxwell is an award winning songwriter and cowboy balladeer. His music runs the range from traditional range ballads, through western swing, contemporary cowboy western, and his unique blend of original songs. He puts on a show that is all acoustic, all American, and one that will leave you feeling as if you just came from the old west. He mixes his mellow baritone voice with his sweet finger picking guitar style. He has been known to toss in a harmonica or some other instrument into his show. Rodger’s dad had a radio show in the 1930’s and he sang traditional western songs and sometimes his original parodies of favorite tunes. So Rodger really does live up to his moniker, “Son of a Cowboy Singer"

“Here is on entertainer who lives up to his biography. When he is on stage it’s very easy to close your eyes and visualize being around a campfire on a trail drive 100 years ago. He certainly has the ability to tell a story of the ‘old west’ with a song." John Payne, President Arizona Cowboy Symposium

“Rodger Maxwell is that rare musician who has learned his trade. He sings, writes, and plays with skill and enthusiasm that has earned him the title of “Journeyman.” He is a many faceted entertainer who is not afraid to stretch and amuse his listeners with his sense of humor and his music”… Bob Stane, Coffee Gallery Backstage.

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